[8:tension] Young Choreographers’ Series Tatiana Chizhikova & Roman Kutnov: Time to Time

Tatiana Chizhikova & Roman Kutnov: Time to Time © Rusted Rustam

Aug 9 2019
Porzellangasse 19
Vienna 1090
Phone: +4315235558
Friday, August 9, 2019
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A man is under time pressure. This doesn’t speed him up, however. Instead, it joins his body to the ground. Blackout. A young woman has lost the connection between space and time. Blackout. In "Time to Time" three figures operate within the structures of becoming and of passing, in the sound of time, each for themselves, in coming and in going. Russian choreographer Tatiana Chizhikova thus demonstrates her skills as a specialist in dance-based time research. She detaches the sound and the plot from their rigid temporal supports and opens up a view of a utopia in which we can all live our own time.

Austrian Premiere
Duration: 50 min

Tatiana Chizhikova & Roman Kutnov: "Time to Time" Trailer