[8:tension] Young Choreographers’ Series Michelle Moura: BLINK – mini unison intense lamentation

Michelle Moura: BLINK – mini unison intense lamentation © Thomas Lender

Jul 21 2019
Schwarzenbergplatz 1
Vienna 1010
Phone: +4315235558
Sunday, July 21, 2019
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Everybody does it, we all know what it is: blinking. But the way these two dancers perform it has never been seen before. Brazilian choreographer Michelle Moura and her blinking partner Clara Saito explore the rhythms of blinking and the changes in perception triggered by this extreme exercise – looking outward, looking inward. Strong feelings oscillating between happiness and sadness emerge amid increasingly ecstatic sounds. The dance of the lids takes hold of both performers’ faces and bodies while they work themselves up to a climax, with the effect that not a single eye remains still even in the audience.

Austrian Premiere
Duration: 50 min

Michelle Moura: "BLINK – mini unison intense lamentation" Trailer

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