Nov 8 2019
Reindorfgasse 9/2/R01
Vienna 1150
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Friday, November 8, 2019
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In whole new colors, basically technicolor terror:
My Beautiful Friends_inside: TECHNICOLOR CUT
2019, 59min
German with Englisch Subs

The operating room is asshole and birth canal. The scalpel is the new reproductive organ. Michelle has made her decision. She will create a new being. The source material is her best friends, who are not yet aware of their luck. The syringes are prepared. The operation can begin. Noisy talking is sewn up with clear synth sound, trashy video effects cover illuminated images and blood bubbles out of the mint green skin of the operated body.

My Beautiful Friends is a campy body horror collage of haptic digital body worlds, sexy policemen, clinical-gruesome surgeries, squirting faces and post-punk styles.

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