Wienwoche 2018

Sep 14 2018
nnstraße 16 / Leystraße 157
1020 Vienna
Friday, September 14, 2018
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Following the ACAB Comedy Gala (20-22pm), the opening party with Gnučči, Luna Hansen, Pedra Costa and Infinite Palace (formerly Crazy Bitch in a Cave) follows LIVE - in between, TJ Hicks conjures up soulful Detroit tracks on the dance floor and his colleague Anna Leiser is then at the very end of the controls in the Nordbahn-Halle.

Ana Rab is the new star in Swedish hip hop heaven. She likes to work with M.I.A. compared what might be due to the preference for neon colors and their rapid-fire mouth.
Ana was born in Belgrade in 1987 and flees to Sweden at the age of five with her mother and sister before the war in Yugoslavia.
Her debut album "you're good, I'm good, let's be great!" Brought her much media attention.
Their music is a wild mix of hip-hop, cloud, but also 90's dancefloor and Euro-trash - occasionally paired with jungle or rave sounds.
GNUČČI fills the room with good vibes and thrills the audience with her charming voice and casual hooks when she raps.
GNUČČI is one of those artists that you absolutely must have experienced live!
The Basilan Luana Hansen is a rapper, DJ, music producer, feminist, LGBTiQ activist and has been active in the hip hop movement for over 18 years.
She produces her works independent and has participated in over 80 doctoral and master's degrees at the USP (University of Sao Paolo). She received many prizes in Brazil for her work, and her new album "Favela" was released this year at the Fuzarka Festival Feminista 2018 - Latinamerica en Foco.
is a Viennese singer and producer. He makes genre-fluid pop songs and questions fixed identities and is known for his extraordinary live performances.
At first glance introverted, but with one leg on the dancefloor, he enchants with his falsetto voice and makes the audience fly.
For more than ten years, Anna Leiser has been an integral part of the Viennese DJ scene and in several areas as a DJ, bookerin ... A house connoisseur, who also has a lot to say in terms of techno and hip hop.
Known for his soulful techno access, the records spin in a good old-fashioned Detroit manner.
The brazilian project talks about issues related to sexualities, genders, identities and stereotypes.
Mixing underground cultures, it uses the Baile Funk (from the favelas of Rio de Janeiro-Brazil) as an artistic tool of resistance and politics, promoting a dancing explosion.
Visual art am Wasserturm: Hans-Jürgen Poetz / Wienwoche 2018
a colourful market place