Verrat der Fotografie

Kunstraum Nestroyhof
Mar 6 2019
Nestroyplatz 1
1020 Vienna
Wednesday, March 6, 2019
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The exhibition shows works that are apparently not recognizable as dedicated photographs and thus call into question the "image production" - because whether the abundance of photographs that reach us daily, they are consumed rather than reflected.

Nine artists deal with a variety of post-photographic practices in their work. On display are photographs that spread out in space, works that look like photographs, but were created using other techniques, and conversely, works that use photographic methods but whose appearance approximates other genres of art.

Participating artists:
Cihad Caner, Jonas Feferle, Klaus Pamminger, Christiane Peschek, Philipp Pess, Michaela Putz, Claudio Reis, Bastian Schwind and Linn Phyllis Seeger.

This exhibition is curated by Christine Janicek, co-curator Philipp Pess.