Toxine + Wednesday in March (WIM)

Mar 30 2019
U-Bahnbogen 39-40, Lerchenfeldergürtel,
1080 Vienna
Saturday, March 30, 2019
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TOXINE was founded on the New Year's Eve of 2006/07. At the time, former members musically met yet again to indulge in what they ironically called recreative playing, which soon evolved into creating original material with lyrics in English, often dealing with social and psychological commentary of society with a poetic edge. The music flirts with everything from funk to progressive and stoner rock. After some contributions for various compilations and a demo cassette »Play Me If You Can« (2009), Toxine went in the studio to record their debut album »Ever Wordless« (2013, Subkulturni azil/Akord records) and in the same year they contributed to the project »Rockers sing the poets« by composing the music for a poetry named »Janez Novak«. Throughout their journey they played at some of the most known festivals and clubs in Slovenia. Their second album »Now O'Clock« was released in 2015 by the italian label Blue Tattoo Music. In 2017, on their 10th anniversary, they toured Germany, Austria and Czech Republic, released the single »Zrcalije« at ZKP RTV and started an acoustic project named »Noiseless«, backed by Vasko Vidmar's incredible visualisations.

Tomi Toth – vocal / Samo Turk – guitar, vocal / Žiga Fabbro – keyboards, accordion, sax, clarinet, percussion, vocal / Aljoša Struga – bass / Aleš Zorec – drums, percussion

WEDNESDAY IN MARCH (WIM) is an Italian/Austrian-Vienna based Indie band.
The band started in march 2016 when the guitarist/song writer Vito met the drummer Matteo with a punk rock project in mind. Shortly after when the lead Saxophonist/Pianist and singer Kathy joined the group, the punk influences softened to a jazz-rock repertoire.
Fueled by Antonia the lead singer and violinist the so called Kuleshov Project started recording a spiced up mix of gypsy masterpieces with some electro-80s influences.
Shortly after when the talented bassist Johanna joined this group of people felt suddenly unite and WIM found an unique edge that define the bands sound today.
After the absolute success of the live performance @Loop in 2018, WIM is coming back for a terrific life session this March. So please make sure to attend.

Antonia ‘Six Pack’- Violin x Vocals/Kathy ‘Dr. Bibl’- Sax x Piano x Vocals/Vito ‘Old Man’ - Guitar x Diva/Johanna ‘Hero #Ciao’ - Bass x UberVan/Matteo ‘Mr. Bitcoin’- Drums x Percussions