Station Rose - Pioneers of Digital Culture

Wien Museum MUSA
Nov 14 2018
Felderstraße 6-8
1010 Vienna
Phone: 01 40008400
Wednesday, November 14, 2018
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In 1988, the artist Elisa Rose & the composer Gary Danner opened the STATION ROSE / STR at Margaretenstraße 26. Thus, the artist duo Station Rose made digital art public and transformed the 4th district into an art quarter. After 20 years abroad, they are now back in Vienna. Their publication "STATION ROSE 30.0. The Walls of the new Systems will be Liquid, an augmented catalog, will provide insights into a new digital dimension and its artistic work of the last 30 years. In the Performance Lecture STR travel from 1988 to 2018.
Moderation: Patricia Grzonka, art and architecture historian, critic and author.

Admission free! Registration required