Squirt & Flirt – A Mermaid Party

Nov 10 2018
Mahlerstaße 11
1010 Vienna
Saturday, November 10, 2018
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Following their performance Welcome to the Fisch-Haus, Claire Lefèvre and the mermaids will host a sparkly party in the depth of Opera Club on Saturday, November 10th. Marine creatures, seductive temptresses and shimmering beings are invited to dive through the dance floor. Put your ear to our sea-shells and hear the pulsating life of the ocean, grab your scaly friends and shake your tails until you get wet and salty. Let's bring the Fisch-Haus down!

With DJ BOO (Bixxa Boo collective), Barbosa sound system and PHILINGER.

This is a non-discriminatory, body-positive, anti-racist party open to all genders. We kindly ask you to leave your prejudices at home.

*Free admission with tickets to Claire Lefèvre's performance, with brut-Karte and for guests dressed in "sparkle-sparkle-sparkle / underwater creature" outfits