Quiet Matters mit Veza Fernández, YOMER und Dorothea Zeyringer

studio brut
Jan 13 2019
Zieglergasse 25
1070 Vienna
Sunday, January 13, 2019
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Quiet Matters is a series of short concerts and performances dedicated to our inner voice and subjects not usually addressed out loud – intimate, fragile things in times of shouting politicians and crying babies.

Quiet Matters is organised by Michikazu Matsune and Elizabeth Ward.

Followed by tea time with Michikazu Matsune.

Veza Fernández

tackles short-lived art forms that pretend to sink deep into memory by occupying spaces or applying madness and alienation. She is a dancer and a movement/word-maker with versatile linguistics and a rich background in dance. At the moment, she is particularly interested in the functionality of dance and theatre and the concept of peace as well as the power to name poetic words of love.

Dorothea Zeyringer

is an artist who lives in Vienna. She has been working with Tiina Sööt under the name Sööt/Zeyringer since 2012, devising various performances including lonely lonely and Never Name the Shelf. Their most recent work Running Gag analyses power and gender relations in the realm of humour. Dorothea Zeyringer is currently working on a new project called Private View.


is a singer, a writer, a poet, a performer, but most of the time, YOMER is tired. Coming from Italy makes him the perfect mix between sadness, joy, humour and desperation. Electronic music and melancholy; pizza and beer; south and north: That’s YOMER for you.

Anyone planning to come to Quiet Matters - short concerts and performances, and has no ticket for the previous show of "All Together", is invited to register under the tickets link

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