Quiet Matters mit Veronika Eberhart & Andi Dvořák, Claudia Lomos

Studio BRUT

© Maria Ritsch, Robert Lettner

Jan 11 2019
Zieglergasse 25
1070 Vienna
Friday, January 11, 2019
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Veronika Eberhart & Andi Dvořák

Veronika Eberhart plays in bands such as Ilsebill and Plaided and currently performs her projects Tirana and Lime Crush. She has composed film scores (FtWTF – Female to What the Fuck 2015, Talea 2013) and is also active as a visual artist.

Andi Dvořák runs a label named Fettkakao (“fat cocoa”) and also performs with Lime Crush. The two of them have recently published a new album called Sub Divide (2018, Fettkakao).

Claudia Lomoschitz explores the relationship between text and imagination using performance. She likes to synthesise materials and spatial experiences into unrestrained dancing in the streets of Vienna or on stages with her band as well as in galleries with her artist collective. Her choreographic work is often stimulated by unsuspected powers discovered in her biological body, such as induced lactation.

Michikazu Matsune is an artist whose works blur the limits between performance, dance and visual art. In recent years, he has devised numerous solo performances in co-production with brut that have continued to tour the world, the most recent ones including For Now (2017), Goodbye (2016) and Dance, If You Want to Enter My Country! (2015). Matsune has organised and curated group exhibitions and performance events, including Homesick Festival (2017), Global Citizen (2016), Towards the other side of the world and Face Forward (2015).

Elizabeth Ward is a dancer and choreographer currently living in Vienna. Recent years saw her working on co-operative participatory art projects such as Capitalism as We Live It! with visual artists Liv Strand and Andrea Creutz, Spirit Building Dance/Floor! with Astrid Noacks Atelier and the Anti Fascist Ballet School with Magdalena Chowaneic. During her time in New York, she organised a number of roof-top performances (to be watched from the High Line) for the now closed EYE-HEART GALLERY.