Karolina Miernik & Emilia Milewska / yako.one: Come on! Dance with me

Claudia Bosse / Theatercombinat "A Third Step To Ideal Paradise" © Karolina Mernik

Jul 17 2019 to Aug 11 2019
Absberggasse 27
1100 Vienna
Phone: +4315235558
Wednesday - Saturday:
Admission free
Wednesday, July 17, 2019 to Sunday, August 11, 2019
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After a long-standing collaboration with ImPulsTanz – the photographer duo Karolina Miernik and Emilia Milewska / yako.one present a collection of photos, which arose out of their daily documentary work for the festival. This selection of pictures has a special artistic value and illustrates amazing people and the recent history of ImPulsTanz. This exhibition is a retrospective journey to the emotions of artists expressed through movement, captured in a boundless moment by the camera.


A cooperation of ImPulsTanz and OstLicht. Gallery for Photography

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