ImPulsTanz 2018: Mark Tompkins La Cie. I.D.A. – Stayin Alive

Aug 2 2018
Schwarzenbergplatz 1
1010 Wien Vienna
Aug 4, 22:30
Thursday, August 2, 2018
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Acknowledging the fact that one has grown old often makes one pensive, and sometimes melancholic. The loss of his mother still fresh in his mind, US American-French singer, dancer and choreographer Mark Tompkins looks his own slowly approaching death in the face. Stayin Alive is his answer, given jointly with set designer Jean-Louis Badet and director Frans Poelstra. In this deeply moving work Tompkins transcends all the relics of his long career and lets his body, as it is now, celebrate a danse macabre between the future and the past.

Austria Premiere
Duration. 75 min