ImPulsTanz 2018: Florentina Holzinger – Apollon

Aug 1 2018
Neustiftgasse 1
1070 Wien Vienna
€ 48,-/39,-/32,-/25,-/18,-/11,-/8,-
Wednesday, August 1, 2018
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When is a man just a rack – and how frequently one that acts as if it were a bull? And what does it look like when a god is taken apart good and proper? Florentina Holzinger has some answers to these questions, and she is not alone on the wide stage of Volkstheater Wien. It is here that we find out what happens when the Viennese choreographer hijacks George Balanchine’s exquisite gem of a ballet Apollon musagète (1928) in alliance with half a dozen heroine-ic naked muses: juicy slaughter, a circus full of otherworldly acrobatics including breathtaking magic tricks, and a fitness studio for female power. Apollo, the Greek god of the arts, makes a guest appearance as a mechanical bull, and in the course of the trash performance he learns what deconstruction truly means. In his stead the perfect woman takes the stage. But what does she want and what is expected of her? Questions posed by Holzinger and her gang in a mix of dance, performance and theatrical orgy, brimming with irony.

The performance is not suitable for an audience younger than 18 years

Duration: 90 min