ImPulsTanz 2018: Anne Juren – Private Anatomy Lesson

Jul 23 2018 to Jul 29 2018
Kirchengasse 44
1070 Wien Vienna
Monday, July 23, 2018 to Sunday, July 29, 2018
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Private Anatomy Lesson
The Tongue, desire for language

Over the past few years, Anne Juren has been unfolding a Fantasmical Anatomy as real as a piece of bone. In Anatomie at ImPulsTanz 2017, she expanded the imagination of the body and its boundaries by proposing a textual landscape and including poetic, fantastical, speculative and imaginative dimensions and placing choreography inside the body of the spectator. Private Anatomy Lessons*) is a continuation, developed for small groups. Each lesson exposes and treats a different body part with the dynamics of desire, through voice, writing, sensorial embodiment, different body practices and dance.

World Premiere
Duration: 50 min

* Lessons
23 July: The Tongue, desire for language
25 July: The Body, desire for symmetry
27 July: The Sexual Organs, desire for obscenity
29 July: The Mouth, cannibal desire
18:30 + 21:00