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Neue Musik in St. Ruprecht
Nov 11 2018
Ruprechtsplatz 1
1010 Vienna
Sunday, November 11, 2018
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For many years, the mdw's focus on improvisation and new music has been a hotbed, meeting place, springboard and basis for new music in Austria. This center of gravity is a sheltered place for young artists to sample and profile, laying the foundations for many projects and ensembles - in the family.

We have invited the emphasis to make an evening for New Music St.Ruprecht, a family reunion.

- trio -
Diana Lind-Hannappi, flute
Milena Schmidt, violin
Antonia Lisa Winklmayr, piano

- quartet -
Adele Thoma, piano
Benedek Gaspar, alto saxophone
Thomas Grimm, bassoon
Peter Mallinger, clarinet


For concert season 2018/19, projects were sought that are "familiar" in one or more aspects or deal with the topic of "family". The family is a space of familiarity and closeness, kinship and similarity, the recognition of one's own in the other. In her the values ​​of one's own culture, one's own style and one's own manners are lived. But familiarity also generates contempt. In the family, small gestures can quickly lead to big escalations, and that too one has to cultivate.

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