Hannes Bajohr • Jörg Piringer

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Nov 28 2018
Schönlaterngasse 7A
1010 Vienna
Wednesday, November 28, 2018
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Digital poetry. Language between code and body

HANNES BAJOHR (Berlin) HALFZEUG. Text processing (Suhrkamp Verlag, 2018) - reading with feeds •
JÖRG PIRINGER (Vienna) DATA POETRY (Ritter Verlag, 2018) - Performance • Introductions and moderation: Annalena Stabauer

Search Engine, Translation Program, Speech Recognition: Already today we are interacting digitally with programs that process speech automatically. How this processing works, which rules are collected, selected and combined, usually remains hidden, which not least corporations such as Google and Facebook have great interest. For media-reflective forms of literature, a wide and at the same time highly specialized field of research opens up here. The term Digital Poetry describes this artistic approach to language-related computer technology and emphasizes the interest in the materiality and mediality of the drawing process, based on concrete poetry. Hannes Bajohr and Jörg Piringer have developed elaborate artistic positions in this field. Her own perspectives and emphases when working with algorithmically generated text are presented on the occasion of two new book publications.
(Annalena Stabauer)