Free Friday Night @ Belvedere

Bellart Museum
Mar 15 2019
Prinz Eugen-Stra├če 27
1030 Vienna
Phone: 01 795570
Friday, March 15, 2019
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World-famous classics and little-known depot treasures, which were put into the limelight only a few months ago: Let yourself be inspired by the immeasurable diversity of our collection! For all who like it versatile, 700 years of Austrian art, thrilling museum tours and an ever new adventure program await you.

Guided tours in German

A castle introduces itself
18, 19 and 20 o'clock
Meeting point: Sala terrena

Quick Art Course
18.15, 19.15 and 20.15: Baroque
18:15, 19:15 and 20:15: Romance & Biedermeier
18:15, 18:45, 19:15, 19:45 and 20:15: Art Nouveau & Expressionism
Meeting point: Marble Hall

themed tours
Inspiration through Art # 4

What do colors have to do with verdigris and scale insects? How does a fresco come to the ceiling? Can you paint with gold? In this program you look over the shoulders of great masters and unlock the secrets of their skills. Duration: 45 min.

From the tree to the picture
Michael Pacher and the painting of the Middle Ages.
18, 19 and 20 o'clock | Meeting point: Sala terrena

The power of gold
How Klimt painted his world-famous paintings.
18, 19 and 20 o'clock | Meeting point: Marble Hall

Baroque sky
From the sun lounger, immerse yourself in the ceiling painting of the Marble Hall.
18:15, 19:15 and 20:15 | Meeting point: Sala terrena

The Kremser Schmidt
Austria's "Rembrandt". Life, work and effect.
18:15, 19:15 and 20:15 | Meeting point: Sala terrena

In the sign of progress
New styles, colors, techniques. The experimental 19th century.
18:15, 19:15 and 20:15 | Meeting point: Marble Hall

As part of this event, photographs and / or films may be produced by the Belvedere or on behalf of the organization. By attending the event, I understand that the photographs and video materials on which I am portrayed are used for press coverage and are published in various (social) media, publications and Belvedere websites.

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