Dj Marcelle

Rhiz Vienna
Dec 31 2018
U-Bahnbogen 37-38 / Lerchenfeldergürtel,
1080 Vienna
Monday, December 31, 2018
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Which scene does DJ Marcelle really belong to? To no one - and that should be so. For 30 years, the DJ pioneer has been working on her own art design.

DJ Marcelle is a loner, she likes to dig in, even at the presentation of her art distanced. And on the football field, which only incidentally mentioned, she is called Diva - because of their little team game style. So it's almost surprising that she worked with other artists for some of the new songs. The Berlin based British singer Lianne Hall can be heard on two more introverted tracks, whose voice blends well with the sombre, schwurbeligen sound world of Van Hoof. With »The music quieter?«, There is also a vivid proof of the necessary pinch of self-irony.

ABU GABI (DE/AT / DVRST, Klangfestival)

Musician, producer, DJ & curator - vienna based ABU GABI is all about the trip, deep, direct and intense. Be it solo or as part of the illbient/post-rave duo DVRST, as organizer and promoter (e.g. Broiler Doom, KAPU Dub Issues) or as a curator of Klangfestival #10, she is a progressive force between fine arts and club context.
No fear, no shame, no nothing.