Jan 8 2019
Zentagasse 38
1050 Vienna
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Tuesday, January 8, 2019
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Geometric-conceptual painting

David Apikian (AM), Françoise Aubry (FR), Milija Belić (RS/FR), Joël Besse (FR), Charles Bézie (FR), Francesc Bordas (ES), Jean-Luc Bruckert (FR), Natacha Caland (FR), Delnau (FR), Aleksander Drakulič (SI), Pascal Fancony (FR), Maria Arvelaiz Gordon (VE), Ingrid Hornef (DE), Gerhard Hotter (DE), Viktor Hulík (SK), Yumiko Kimura (JP), Philippe Rips (FR), János Szász Saxon (HU), Jun Sato (JP), Go Segawa (JP), Roger Vilder (FR)

The exhibition "Cinetique" is the first edition of the MOCCA series (= MORE OPEN CONCEPTIONAL CONCRETE ARTISTS), which once a year will discuss a geometrical-conceptual painting in its contemporary or historical form.

In "MOCCA 01 Cinetique" the topic of movement is in focus in works by artists from Armenia, Germany, France, Japan, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Spain, Hungary and Venezuela in abstract geometric language and small format.
The exhibition shows the keen interest in kinetic ideas within concrete art as well as visions based on the perception of time and integrating resulting movements and rhythms into current creative thinking.