Black Excellence

Mar 1 2019
kandlgasse 24
1070 Vienna
Friday, March 1, 2019
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The exhibition BLACK EXCELLENCE shows works by young artists (15-18 years) from the "Jugendcorner" - a group of the Black Women Community (SFC) in Vienna. The exhibition opens up a space of aesthetic experience for perspectives and longings for (collective) love, desire and emancipatory self-realization. The artistic works draw on the all-encompassing potential of black actors and see themselves as a creative intervention against racialized and sexualized everyday images.

The exhibition is part of the Sparkling Science project Imagining Desires, a project at the Institute for Artistic Teaching at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, funded by the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research.

With artistic works by:

Atu Ackwonu, Céline Mbwisi, Emily Olowu, Iyabo Binder, Jordan Lindinger-Asamoah, Mayra Kiki Diop, Marafi Mustafa, Oskar Muyilota, Samy Lintner, Sera Ahamefule, Tobias Kogler

Curated by Nana-Gyan Ackwonu & Rafaela Siegenthaler

In collaboration with Abiona Esther Ojo and Sade Stöger

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