Nov 28 2018
Arsenalstr. 1
1030 Vienna
Wednesday, November 28, 2018
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Ashley Hans Scheirl, Dandy Dust, AT/UK 1998, 94 min., English OV with German subtitles
Followed by a conversation between Ashley Hans Scheirl and Claudia Slanar

Director, script, editing: Ashley Hans Scheirl, camera and digital animation: Jana Cipriani, costumes: Amory Peart, sound design: Jewels/Jason Barker, music: Yossarian, Emma EJ Doubell, Bent

With: Ashley Hans Scheirl, Suzie Krueger, Tre Temperilli aka Trash, Leonora Rogers-Wright, Svar Simpson, Angela de Castro, Del la Grace Volcano, Sarah Schulman, Sue Golding aka Johnny de Philo, Tina Keane

A cyborg with a split personality and fluid gender zooms through time to collect his/her ”selves” in a struggle against a family obsessed by lineage: This cartoon-like futuristic low-budget horror satire by the Austro-British filmmaker Ashley Hans Scheirl turns the real into the absurd, for the duration of a small cybernetic, chemo-sexual film adventure at least. Identity is just a matter of creativity, and far beyond cinema‘s limitations.