AishaE Twin Swan

fluc + fluc wanne
Nov 28 2018
Praterstern 5
1020 Vienna
suggested donation 5,-
Wednesday, November 28, 2018
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“Twin Swan” – an ode to nature and femininity

Harp, guitar and a four-part women’s choir unite with AishaE’s changeable/sensual voice to create a fantastical, visual and musical dream landscape.
An adult self-portrait – the twins, or a mirroring of existence.
Complex and sometimes uncanny, loving and childlike – this is the enchanting reflection of the singer and artist’s second studio album.
Both the music and the visuals are produced by AishaE.
The journey from the 2015 album “Starchild” continues:
but it is more determined, personal and acoustic this time round.

Harfe: Maura Knierim (DE)
Gitarre: Clemens Hackmack (AT)
Schmusechor (AT)

Vj: Hideó SNES

21:00 Scharmien Zandi
22:00 AishaE LIVE "Twin Swan"
23:00 Djane - Kasho