Activist Comedy Against BS


Photo © Ari Y. Richter

Sep 14 2018
Innstraße 16 / Leystraße 157
1020 Vienna
Friday, September 14, 2018
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Activist Comedy Against BS
A Night of Political Comedy

Punch up – don’t kick down! This year’s WIENWOCHE opens with a comedy gala in which activism meets humour when political awareness is staged as cabaret. In a subsequent workshop, those interested can explore this craft.

Transgression? With pleasure! Activist Comedy Against BS crosses the line between entertainment and politics, between jokesters and activists, between a wink and a diatribe. Here, the blow does not go below the waistline, but is a well-placed uppercut – delivered with a smile. “Activism in all its diversity and good entertainment are not mutually exclusive!” the comedians are convinced.

Overbearing boss? Minimum income reduced? Been insulted in the streets? Sometimes one can brush it off laughing. Nonetheless, it can also help to process bad experiences with good comedy. At this year’s WIENWOCHE opening, the stage becomes a home for witty puns during the ‘Night of Political Comedy’ – inspired, but not discouraged, by the political madness that happens all around. In addition to professional comedians, activists from various parts of social movements who have transformed their everyday political experiences also appear on stage performing small acts that they have rehearsed under the guidance of comedian and trainer Jet Moon (Queer Beograd Collective).

How does political comedy work? And what to do if nobody laughs?
Visitors of WIENWOCHE have the opportunity to learn all of the above and much more in a workshop with Activist Comedy Against BS. Stage appearance included!

Organised by 3witches – Association for the Promotion of Political Art and Culture. The show will be hosted by comedy duo ‘Tolerant Alice’ (Rowan Tallis & Ilona Toller) and wants to showcase comedy skills from the workshop participants who come from various forms of activism, groups, and organisations.

Event language(s): English, German (optional)