2010s Club & POWER DISCO mit Rudi Nemeczek

The Loft
Oct 20 2018
Lerchenfelder Gürtel 37
1160 Vienna
Phone: +436801261944
Saturday, October 20, 2018
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Two parties, one location, one cover: the latest electronic and pop sounds meet timeless classics at the infamous double-event 2010s Club & POWER DISCO.

Upstairs we provide you with the best tunes of the current decade at (VENNAs FIRST) 2010s CLUB and put together an exciting mix of the latest electronic sounds, rap-styles, pop and R&B. Be prepared for a night where Azealia Banks meets Dua Lipa and Tyler The Creator winks at David Guetta.

Downstairs we do it once more with feeling at POWER DISCO. This time we welcome our special guest Austro-NDW-legend Rudi Nemeczek of the band Minisex. Be there when Rudi and DJ/producer Christopher Just give their all with heartfelt power ballads from 00 to 01.30am. Afterswards DJ Elephant will be guiding you through the rest of the emotional night.

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